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Tuna Tataki: A Delicate Californian/Japanese Fusion Entree

Innovative fusion dishes have been popular across many contemporary restaurants and menus since the late 1970’s.

Fusion cuisine combines elements of different culinary traditions, creating mouth-watering flavours as ingredients fuse together, flavours that often wouldn’t find themselves on the same plate.

‘Tataki’ means, ‘pounded’ or ‘hit into pieces’ in Japanese

The ‘Tatiki’ method of preparing fish is a traditional Japanese style of cooking in which the fish is seared very briefly over a hot flame or in a pan. The fish can be marinated slightly in vinegar, thinly sliced and seasoned with ginger. The ginger can be ground or pounded into a paste, hence the name of the dish.

Food prepared this way, can be complimented with a dark soy sauce, and garnishes such as a sashimi.

Every beautiful dish relies on the finest ingredients, both for flavour, texture, and presentation. As you can see from the photograph, this dish not only makes the palate moisten with anticipation, but also pleases the eyes with its rich colours, and varied ingredients.

So, let’s take a look at the ingredients!


Sashimi grade tuna has a beautiful taste and texture, try and purchase some sushi grade tuna and slice it nice and thin, so that it can be easily seared and pounded gently with seasoning. This lets the fleshy meat absorb and hold delicious tastes and flavours.

Edamame Salad:

Tasting similar to white beans, Edamame beans are a great source of protein for those who are vegan or vegetarian, living off plant based diets. They are low in calories and add a wonderful texture to both Asian and fusion dishes.

These soybeans are harvested when they are still young. They are cooked by either boiling or steaming for around 5 minutes and are usually lightly salted before serving.

These beans have been popular in many superfood dishes over the last decade, making them a healthy option for many millennials and health conscious individuals.

For the salad you can use watercress or sugar snap peas, any green and leafy salad items to flesh out the dish and give it crunch, colour and character. You may also add a little bit of onion if you wish to, this will add more depth to the flavour of the dish.

Lime Wasabi Mayo:

Tataki dishes often use a citrus based dressing in order to compliment the fish and vegetable flavours in this fusion delight.

This can be made by mixing mayonnaise, lime juice, coriander, and wasabi paste. The wasabi paste gives the mayonnaise a wonder kick, with the lime juice neutralising the spice and creating a rich flavour. This flavour really compliments the tuna and garnishes the salad delightfully.

Edamame Dressing:

To make this delicious dressing simply mix soy sauce, water, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, and red pepper flakes. This is a beautiful Asian blend and adds wonderful character to this entrée.

Edible Flowers:

Edible flowers are a great visual addition to any salad based fusion dish. They can add flavours of liquorice, tarragon, and citrus to a dish. They are also aesthetically pleasing, making dishes more colourful and eye catching.

Sliced Radish:

Radishes add a peppery, eye wateringly spicy kick to this wonderful dish. Radishes are crunchy edible roots that can change the flavour of a mouthful in a matter of seconds. They compliment all the garnishes and ingredients of this dish.

Add micro herbs to this dish to compliment the flavour and add more to the palate.

What is your favourite type of fusion food? What is your favourite Japanese dish?

Feel free to comment!

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