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Five things to Consider when Planning an Event!

Planning an event doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Ensuring that you partner with experienced planners and caterers can remove any unnecessary stress, leaving the majority of the detailed negotiations and decisions in professional hands.

There are a number of important decisions to be made when planning an event, here are five of them:

  • The Event Purpose or Theme

What are you wanting to achieve from your event? What is the theme? What do you want your guests/audience to take away from this event?

Once you’ve decided on pursuing a corporate or personal event, consider the themes available in order to maximise attendance, fun, or intimacy for both yourself and your guests.

Need a hand brainstorming? Get in touch with us!

  • The Event Venue:

What type of event are you hosting and how many attendees/guests are you expecting?

Do you need break out space? Tables setting up and A/V equipment?

Do you need catering? Transportation? Handouts? Literature?

Marthelis Catering can help you with all these aspects of event planning. We have links with many corporate and independent venues throughout London and the U.K. We strive to find the perfect location for your event, at the best possible price.

  • Who to Invite?

Whether your event is corporate or personal, it’s important to curate your guestlist appropriately, and in line with the location and theme of the event.

Is the event only appropriate for a select few of your business contacts?

Is the number of guests that you invite defined by your budget?

For corporate events, it’s important to define your target audience. For personal events, it’s important to ensure that guests RSVP in order to maximise your budget and fill out your space appropriately.

  • Getting the Word Out!

How will you let people know that your event is booked and on the horizon?

Will you harness the power of social media? Will you create an automated email list? Will you send out personalised invitations and follow them up with phone calls?

Will you publish a press release in regional or trade press for a business event?

Consider your options and speak to us if you need any help or advice!

  • Staffing:

Do you need waiting on and bar staff to serve guests at your event?

Will you need cloakroom staff? Do you need a musician or a D.J to create an atmosphere in which your guests can celebrate or relax?

Do you want bespoke entertainment, or a team of professional chefs to create fantastic food to all your dietary needs?

Just drop us a line and let’s talk about how Marthelis Catering can work alongside you to create the most fantastic event for you and your guests.